Things to Do in Ocean Ridge, Florida: Your Ultimate Guide

Ocean Ridge is not just another coastal town in Florida; it’s an enchanting blend of pristine natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern recreational activities. Nestled along Florida’s famed Gold Coast, Ocean Ridge promises a plethora of experiences for every type of traveler. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best things to do in Ocean Ridge, Florida.


1. Beach Bliss at Ocean Ridge Hammock Park

For beach lovers, Ocean Ridge Hammock Park is a dream come true. This hidden gem offers secluded patches of sand, lush hammocks, and the perfect ambiance for relaxation. Whether it’s sunbathing, reading a book, or building sandcastles, this beach has it all.

2. Kayaking on the Intracoastal

The serene waters of the Intracoastal Waterway are perfect for a kayaking adventure. Glide past mangrove forests, spot diverse marine life, and enjoy the tranquility of this waterway. Rental shops in the vicinity offer kayaks and guided tours.

3. Birdwatching at Ocean Ridge Natural Area

This pristine area is a haven for bird enthusiasts. From migratory birds to local species, Ocean Ridge Natural Area promises sightings that will thrill both amateur birdwatchers and seasoned ornithologists.


4. Dive into History at the Shipwreck Site

Dive enthusiasts can explore an underwater world of history. Several shipwrecks around Ocean Ridge have turned into artificial reefs, teeming with marine life and offering a unique diving experience.

5. Attend the Ocean Ridge Art & Culture Fest

An annual event that celebrates the town’s rich cultural tapestry. From local art exhibits to musical performances, the Ocean Ridge Art & Culture Fest is a vibrant showcase of talent and creativity.

6. Fishing Adventures

Whether you’re a novice or an expert angler, Ocean Ridge’s bountiful waters promise an exhilarating fishing experience. Charter a fishing boat or try your luck at the town’s fishing piers.

7. Explore the Boynton Inlet

Situated at the southern edge of Ocean Ridge, the Boynton Inlet is a hotspot for water sports. From jet-skiing to paddleboarding, this area is a hub of aquatic fun.

8. Relish the Local Cuisine

While in Ocean Ridge, savoring the local flavors is a must. The town boasts an array of restaurants offering everything from fresh seafood delicacies to global cuisines.

9. Boutique Shopping on Ocean Avenue

For shopaholics, Ocean Avenue offers a range of boutiques and stores. Whether it’s beachwear, artisanal crafts, or gourmet products, you’re sure to find something unique.

10. Sunset Yoga on the Beach

Rejuvenate your senses with a session of sunset yoga on the beach. Many local instructors offer classes that combine the soothing sounds of the waves with calming yoga postures.


Ocean Ridge, Florida is a mosaic of experiences waiting to be explored. It seamlessly blends its natural wonders with a touch of modernity, offering activities that cater to every kind of traveler. Whether it’s the call of the ocean, the allure of its rich culture, or the thrill of recreational activities, Ocean Ridge is a destination that promises memories for a lifetime. So, pack your bags and set out for a journey that’s as diverse as it’s unforgettable.